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Kinemaster – A Prelude

Kinemaster is unlikely to be a total stranger if you are used to editing videos on your Android or iDevice. It is one of the most popular comprehensive free video editing apps for mobile devices, offering highly sophisticated and utilizable tools. The app conveys great flexibility while carrying out your projects and further helps you complete them quite efficiently.

Kinemaster is usable for both beginners and professionals alike. There will be no confusion in using the program as your questions are profusely answered in the help section. Reviewers highly endorse Kine master for advanced editing features and more control over the projects concerned.


Kinemaster App Specifications

App TitleKinemaster
Initial Release26 Dec 2013
Latest ReleaseNov 19th, 2021
File Size65.97 MB
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation

Kine Master Packs the Best Editing Tools

Kinemaster is a fully-fledged video editing software that facilitates high-quality video creation, slides for presentations with diverse audio effects. It allows you to perform ordinary editing tasks such as cropping, splicing, cutting, layer editing, blending, adding special effects and texts, adjustments, etc. The app is also instrumental in editing family photos for personal purposes.

You can incorporate multiple files to the clips concurrently, which comprises videos and images. If the original filters that come with the program do not excite you much, you can dump them and purchase others in-app. This is a must-have app, even if you only edit videos on your mobile occasionally. 

Platform Buzzing with Development

Kinemaster never seems to run out of options; each update introduces impressive specs for video editors from all walks of life. On Google Play, this app has been downloaded more than 100 million times. That’s enormous stats for a video editor app or even some other trendy program. Let’s look at the defining features of Kinemaster below.  

List of Kinemaster Features 

  • Possibility to control the speed of the media(audio/video)
  • Availability of a range of special effects 
  • Apply vibrant and vigorous themes
  • Adjustments to videos
  • Multiple layers available 
  • Overlays are present
  • Insert music
  • Use Audio Filters
  • Trim content frame by frame
  • Envelope the volume 
  • Get stickers 
  • Get an instant preview for reviewing.
  • Apply transition effects
  • Real-time recording 
  • Animation styles
  • Share videos on social media

Kinemaster Facilities in depth

  • Most users prefer Kinemaster for its versatility hidden in its simplicity. The app blesses the user with a feature-rich, user-friendly, and super convenient editing experience unparalleled by any other counterpart. Kine master is a fully packed editor software that can inspire creativity and enhance the productivity of all its users. 
  • The app accommodates recording video or audio in real-time. It is possible to incorporate effects and modify the entire video live without concluding the recording process. You can also integrate multiple audio tracks as well
  • Convenient and pliant editing tools are available that greatly influence the end product – Apart from the real-time adjustments, Kinemaster channels the users to adjust saturation, brightness, and colors of the video, which produce a pleasant and consistent environment on your videos. 
  • The addition of layers is a special function on Kine master. It can harmonize layers of images, videos, texts, audio, etc. You can also write or draw straight on the video itself. Such cool features allow users to manipulate the videos well and get the effects produced the way they want. Kinemaster is all in one platform to achieve this. 
  • Traditional video editing apps lack social sharing features, which is a major turn off for publishers, advertisers, influencers, professionals, and other people who want to show their creativity. Kinemaster caters to all such social media personalities by authorizing them to instantly share the created video content on multiple social platforms. All your creative content can reach millions of your target audience in real-time at the tap of a button.

Download KineMaster Latest Here

You can download This app latest version free for Android from Google PlayStore and For iOS, iPhone from Apple Appstore. If you wish to download it modified version you can download it for iOS and Android from Tutuapp Appstore.

How to install Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is both accepted by Google and Apple Official App stores. Therefore, you don’t need to modify your device settings to download and install the app. You can get the direct link below at the end of this post or head over to Google Play or the Appstore to download it. Installation of Kine-master is a hassle-free process, and you can do it just like you install any other app from the store. 

The Good and the Bad of Kinemaster 

Kinemaster delivers more positives than negatives. The plus points can be seen in how the app benefits users with multiple sophisticated editing features that are mostly unavailable in similar programs. The app also has excellent tutorial support for users to get familiar with the platform. The presence of an intuitive interface accommodates convenient learning.

There are only a few bad points in Kinemaster that are unlikely to discourage you from using it. First of all, the free version gives access to most of the app’s features, but whatever video you create is left with the Kine master logo watermark in the background. Yes, the free version will downgrade a touch of professionalism in your video, but again if you consider other merits of the app, this is only a slight disadvantage. 

The other con you find on Kinemaster is not related to the app itself but its functionality on low-end smartphones. When you perform multiple-layer additions and transitions using advanced features of Kine master, the app will rely heavily on your device’s resources. If your smartphone is a low-end version, it will possibly suffer lags.

What about Kinemaster Pricing and Premium Features?

Kinemaster premium unlocks some exclusive facilities with unlimited access to all its features. The monthly subscription costs $4.99, whereas the annual subscription costs $39.99. With the pro version, you can edit videos in 4K, Multiple layer video editing, more 3D effects and transitions, Chroma key, Ad-free interface, Watermark removed, and all other premium features are unlocked. 

If you are on a strict budget, you can rely on a safe mod for free access to all Kinemaster Pro features. There are plenty of Kine master Pro apk mods and Kinemaster mod IPA. You can check Tutuapp for modified Kine master apps that give you premium features for free.

Kinemaster Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QIs Kinemaster free to download?

A – Yes, Kinemaster free version is completely free to download and use. You will not be charged, and your credit card is also not required.

Q – Is Kinemaster virus-free?

A – Kinemaster is significantly safer to use since there have been no recorded security or privacy breaches incidences.

Q – Is Kinemaster is available for PC?

A – Although there is no official Kinemaster for PC, you may use an emulator like Bluestacks to run Kinemaster on your Windows or Mac computer.

Q – Is KineMaster Pro worth it?

A – KineMaster offers a wide variety of functions while being simple and easy to use. It doesn’t provide the same level of fine-tuning features as Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, but it’s a step up from other popular mobile editing tools like iMovie.

Q – Is Kine Master a Chinese app?

A – Kinemaster is a South Korean corporation with characteristics that are comparable to those of viva video. This program may be used for video editing, among other things.

Final Words

Kinemaster is an indispensable video editing utility for all those mobile users who rely heavily on their mobile devices. The app facilitates both beginner and advanced video editors who may not have the time and space to use desktop programs for such purposes.

Kine master serves advanced features that are not available on most other mobile editing apps. Although you can not compare the final product of the Kine master app with that of desktop apps like Premier Pro or Davinci Resolve, you can quite satisfy all your mobile video editing standards.

This app is way above most of its competition and is a very active platform that continues to revolutionize the sphere of mobile video editing. There will be a time when mobile video editors can fully challenge desktop editors, and apps like Kinemaster are most certain to be at the forefront. We will keep bringing all the latest developments of Kine master and other related apps, so please stay tuned.

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