Mediabox HD APK

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Mediabox HD Download APK Latest Version Free for Android Mobile, Tabs and Windows PC

Mediabox HD APK Download

If you are a movie app user who is concerned with the up-to-dateness of the platform you are using, then Mediabox HD can be your ideal choice. Mediabox HD APK has been released. Mediabox is among the top-rated free movie and Tv show services that have been facilitating thousands of users worldwide.

Although Mediabox has a short history and is not so famous as its counterpart Moviebox Pro, Mediabox HD has been able to arrest the attention of movie lovers within a short period. Mediabox HD functions as a link aggregator as it channels the users to movie streaming services that are outside the platform.

In this sense, MediaboxHD doesn’t host movies on its server but outsources highly reliable third-party hosting services like cloud servers where movies and tv shows are stored. Mediabox HD scans for reliable sources and direct users to these streaming services.

However, the platform does not redirect users from the app or take them to a different site. The video player in the app embeds the media of external servers in its interface and lets users watch or download movies through the app itself.

MediaBox HD Download APK

mediabox download apk

What is new in Mediabox HD APK Latest Version

  • No revokes
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Enhanced Regular Updating
  • Improved Security
  • Jailbreak not required
  • All videos are downloadable
  • Extended Subtitle Database
  • Bug Fixes

With frequent mediabox updates, Mediabox HD is a platform that is ever active and progressive. Developers are working hard to meet the user demand and to maintain the dynamic of the platform. You can expect further improvements and new additions to the Mediabox HD platform in the coming months. For a quick reference, we summarize Mediabox HD’s best features as below.

  • Free Access to thousands of Movies and Tv shows belonging to popular genres
  • Fast Streaming Servers for Smooth viewing experience
  • Download Movies and TV shows for offline entertainment
  • Supports Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Smart-TV, Wi-Fi-Sharing
  • Multilingual Support with extensive subtitles sourcing
  • Kid-Mode prevents children from accessing adult content
  • Customizable interface
  • Media Request Section for missing content
  • Responsive customer support
  • Low-cost VIP membership with high perks and privileges

Media Box HD Latest Version Features for android apk users

Mediabox HD uses direct streaming technology without relying on any torrent(peer-to-peer) streaming. This causes the playback and video loading to become faster and more efficient. Since Mediabox HD has the habit of searching for the best streaming servers from the best sites you will experience high-quality access to the latest movies and tv shows.

This platform is rich in serving diverse genres and media categories; thus, you will be able to access all popular genres and most importantly content with the latest updates. Find multiple filters built into the app so you can narrow down your search. Please read our other posts reviewing comprehensively on Mediabox HD’s best features. 

Mediabox HD APK Compatibility

Mediabox HD APK effectively integrates with Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Smart-TV, Wi-Fi-Sharing to provide you a broad range of compatibility with the aim of an enhanced viewing experience. It supports Real-Debrid and Trakt synchronization and if you are a user of such services you can be benefitted. 

This app supports offline viewing by allowing you to download the movie in the background. It has a great selection of Media players. Some such players are built into the platform and you can also use external players as well. VLC and MX players are the best examples of internal players used by Media box HD. 

Mediabox HD Extra Features – Language, Subtitle Support

If you are not a native speaker of English you can use subtitles that are sourced from databases like Opensubtitles, subscene, or Popcorn-time. If you don’t want English subtitles, there are other languages that you can try, just navigate to settings and look in the mediabox hd app subtitle section to switch the default language.

The app also has a mini parental control called Kid Mode, when this option is active, all the adult-oriented content becomes hidden and children can use the app with child-friendly content.

Customer Support and Mediabox HD VIP Benefits

Mediabox HD is customizable in a very flexible manner. You can switch between light and dark themes, change the size of icons and texts as you prefer. The platform also has excellent customer support. There is a separate section where you can request movies and TV shows that are not in the app.

For a few bucks, you can get media box VIP membership, and this will offer you ad-free browsing, priority for your media requests and platform issues, dedicated streaming servers, multiple devices, latest upgrades before the normal users get them.

Yeah, you can get all these exciting features for a very low price, and please refer to the pricing information on the VIP section of the platform itself. 

So Mediabox HD APK Download has been released with bug fixes and performance enhancements. Some new features are also added, let’s pay attention to all the new changes in the platform. At the end of the post, you can get the link to download the Mediabox HD apk latest version.

Final Thoughts

Mediabox HD is certainly a tempting resource for all movie lovers. It is specially designed for mobile viewers but the system does not fall short in delivering superior big-screen entertainment when combined with the relevant devices. Security and up-to-dateness keep the platform running at its very best.

Another thing to consider is getting premium benefits for a low price which if compared with big names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO seems very attractive. It can be your Netflix alternative or any other big name for that matter. Mediabox HD is also great as a replacement for Moviebox Pro and ZiniTevi.

Although Mediabox , moviebox pro, and Zinitevi share similar characteristics, certain facilities make the two platforms slightly different. We let you find those differences if you choose to explore more.

Almost all free movie platforms depend on advertisements as their revenue generation mechanism. In some such free services advertising is too intense to an extent that watching a movie or a show becomes virtually impossible.

Imagine ads popping up every minute or so with no concern for your viewing experience, you will soon give up using such a service.

Mediabox HD differs in this respect; it has a moderate ad display that is never intrusive; and when you upgrade to VIP, you never encounter ads on the platform. That’s all we have for now. You can get Mediabox HD APK latest version from below.

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